New Book “Graves, Wells & Statues: Exploring the heritage and culture of pilgrimage in medieval and modern Cork”

Over the last six months I have been writing a book with holy well expert and geographer Dr Richard Scriven of the  blog Liminal Entwinings.

Our book Wells  Graves & Statues, exploring the heritage & culture of pilgrimage in medieval & modern Cork City  is just back from the printers.




The book tells the  story of pilgrimage in Cork city, from medieval to modern times by exploring the places that the people Cork city went  and still go on pilgrimage too.   As the title suggest the book discusses the holy wells of Cork city such as Sunday’s well, the Franciscan well,   along with St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, the great medieval centre of medieval Munster,  medieval  statues such as  Our Lady of Graces in St Mary’s Pope’s Quay, and the  graves of holy people like Father Mathew founder of the temperance movement, Nano Nagle the  founder of the Presentation order and Little Nellie of the Holy God, Corks unofficial saint.

The aim of the book is to sheds light on the important role of pilgrimage in the social, cultural, and religious life of Cork and to bring the story of pilgrimage to a wider audience and to inspire people to explore Corks pilgrim landscape.

Wells  Graves & Statues, exploring the heritage & culture of pilgrimage in medieval & modern Cork City will be launched on the 25th of November at 7pm in St Fin Barre Cathedral in Cork City and we would be delighted if you could join us.


Update poster launch

If you can’t make  the launch and would like a print or E book  of the  check out  the amazon shop ,  for print and for E book

For more details see books website

This publication has been funded by Cork City Council’s Heritage Publication Grant Scheme 2015 and the project is an action of the Cork City Heritage Plan. We are very grateful to Cork City Council for all their help and support.