A Year of Pilgrimage on Storify

I like to try out new social media platforms really like Storify so I put together a story of pilgrimage  based on my  blog posts , tweets and facebook post  etc .


Storify A Year of pilgrimage in Ireland (https://storify.com/PilgrimIre/a-year-of-pilgrimage)

Here is the link to my Storify story of https://storify.com/PilgrimIre/a-year-of-pilgrimage.html


2 comments on “A Year of Pilgrimage on Storify

  1. Finola says:

    This works really well! Must try it. What a lovely way to look back – and what a lot you’ve accomplished!

  2. Wish I’d thought of this first – great to see the highlights of the year – so many pilgrimages still practiced

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