Do you know what to do if you discover an archaeological object in Ireland?

Archaeologist Gary Dempsey is undertaking research into how archaeological objects are reported in Ireland.

You can help  you Gary  with his research by taking  part in this online survey  to gauge the public’s awareness on the reporting of archaeological objects.   The survey just take a few minutes   and you just need to follow this link

I will let Gary explain to you about the project  in his own words

I am undertaking research into how archaeological objects are reported in Ireland. Occasionally as heritage practitioners we encounter people who have in the past discovered an archaeological object, or know of one discovered by a family member which has not been reported to the National Museum. I am interested in finding out how prevalent this may be in Ireland and if people are aware of the laws and regulations surrounding the reporting of archaeological objects in Ireland.

Through my work with community groups I have encounter a number of people who were not aware of the acts relating to archaeological finds, and in their best intentions stored an object for safety or out of personal interest. I am interested in developing some education about this subject, separate to cases where objects are removed in malice, or for profit.

As no work has been carried out on this subject as of yet, I have put together a short survey in the hopes of understanding the basic level of knowledge in this area. The survey is for anyone who has an interest in heritage and archaeology in Ireland, and not just for for those working in the industry. I would be grateful if you could circulate this short survey to your Colleagues/Students/Social Media Contacts.

Survey –

Gary Dempsey
00353 872657025
Coordinator Roscommon3d/Galway3d


I wish Gary all the best with the project and I hope  you will take the time to fill out the survey and to share it with friends.

Reporting of Archaeoligcal Objects – Ireland Survey
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